Away Luggage Review

So this one isn’t really a tip or trick but we love it so damn much we had to post an Away luggage review. You won’t find it in your standard luggage store. Away only sells online or in of their free-standing stores. They claim that by cutting out middle men they are able to offer amazing quality at low prices.

During this Away luggage review, we will offer supporting evidence for that claim. We cover topics that include price, durability, size, ease of use, and capabilities. All of our experience is based on “The Bigger Carry-On” and “The Large” checked bag.


To us, the price is outstanding. When comparing bags with similar features, durability, looks, and sizes the Away Luggage stands out above the crowd. We think this bag is super stylish and has a sort of trendy cult following right now that makes it cool. You can land a large carry-on for $245 and a large checked bag for $295. That said – we suggest throwing these two items into a set, which ends up saving you $45 dollars (set costs $495).


Away offers a lifetime (yes – LIFETIME) warranty against cracked or broken shells, wheels, handles, telescoping handles, and zippers. This is amazing because, well, it’s basically the entire suitcase! We’ve been using our bag for a little over a year now and the only “issue” we’ve experienced is scratches on our checked bag but that’s basically inevitable when traveling. Away provides instructions for removing scratches but we haven’t tried it out yet. We like being a little rough around the edges. The wheels roll as well as the day we unboxed the luggage, which is amazing for suitcases in this price range.

Carry-On Away Luggage


The size of the large carry on has been ideal for us. It comes in at 22.7”x14.7”x9.6” and weighs 7.3lbs. We can pack about a week’s worth of clothes (if you’re not an over packer – which we sometimes fall victim to), a spare pair of shoes, and our toiletries with no issues whatsoever. The bag fits in the overhead of almost all planes we’ve traveled on. The only time we’ve been forced to plane side check was on a tiny regional jet that allowed no standard carry-on bags.

The large checked bag is definitely…large. We think most travelers could get away with the medium since a fully packed large checked bag results in an overweight luggage charge almost every time. That said, if you pack intelligently (something we clearly don’t do), you can’t really have a checked bag that’s too big. We actually love ours because it gives us room to collect a few souvenirs from our adventures abroad.

Ease of Use

I mean, it’s a suitcase, how hard can it be? The square, hard shell exterior optimizes the space it takes up. Don’t expect it to expand too far beyond its limits but the shell does have a little give when packed to the brim. The luggage rolls really well across most terrain due to the large (ish) wheel size. The telescoping handles are sized correctly as they offer enough play so they don’t stick when opening or closing. The built in, TSA approved locks operate flawlessly and make combination setting easy.


Features? Who would have thought we’d be talking about features on a suitcase? Not us – but here we are. The carry-on bags from Away come with a removable battery so you can make sure your Insta feed is always on point while still remaining TSA compliant. There are two USB ports, one of which supports rapid charging. The battery is good for about 5 iPhone charges which we think is pretty great. In addition to the battery you get a built-in TSA Approved lock, laundry bag, leather luggage tag, charging cable, and premium 360 degree rolling wheels.

One thing to note – the checked bags do not come with a battery. This makes perfect sense in our minds but wanted to make sure you were all aware of this before buying.


Overall these bags are awesome. Hands down our favorite set of luggage to date. They’re light weight, rugged, and reliable as hell. The battery in the carry on is great for those times when you’re at the airport and can’t find a spot near a near a power outlet or are traveling international and don’t feel like lugging your converters around. After a year full of exciting travels, these bags are just as awesome as when they arrived. We love our Away Luggage. Oh, and one last thing – they offer a 100 day trial so there is literally no risk in trying it out.

We hope you enjoyed our Away Luggage Review. Please share with your friends and family so they can learn about this amazing luggage! Don’t be a hoarder.

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