About Us

Hey there! We’re so glad you made it to our  “About Us” page so you can learn more about us and our site. Behind the scenes of Worldly Winos you will find us – Rachel and Mark. We are a couple of working, married millenials with two dogs and no kids. Like most of us (millenials) we are trying to pack in as much traveling as we can before we become “real” adults. To make this happen we typically spend a couple of days in each city we travel to (we have day jobs). We aren’t experts and we don’t play one on the internet.

We created this blog because we love to travel, eat, and share what we learn along the way. Before we travel we spend hours reviewing fellow blogger’s pages, reading lonely planet books, and trolling tripadvisor to learn about the locations we plan to visit. We don’t want to hoard this knowledge and we love to share our positive experiences through mix and match city guides so you can have as much fun as we did on our trips.

Our focus is on mix and match city guides, where we advise you on how to spend 24-48 hours in a city. This short duration results in a jam packed itinerary that allows you to experience a city in a way that takes many people double the time. We would love for you to take some of these city guides and combine them together to make week long (or longer if you have the time!) itineraries.


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